Here we go.  The final preview before the big night.  If you’re curious about the other previews you can find them below:

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Today we are going to look at the final six girls.  Again, a nice crop of young ladies for Nick.  Let’s start it up with Raven.

Bach Raven.jpg

Raven, age 25, from Hoxie, AR

Occupation: Fashion Boutique Owner

Best Answer: If she could be any fantasy character, she chose Jasmine.  Unique and a great answer.  Jasmine is easily the sexiest of the Disney princesses and with Raven’s jet black hair and tannish skin, she can make it work.

Worst Answer: There are a few things that did not sit well with me with Raven.  We’ll start with the question of if she could be anyone else for the day.  She chose Blue Ivy.  Beyonce and Jay-Z’s kid.  I might even say that the chick that said she’d want to be the president for a day is a better answer than Blue fucking Ivy.  Second, she was asked if she was afraid of aging.  Now, a few other girls answered this with things like “no aging is beautiful” and shit like that, all of which I put down as the worst answer.  However, Raven’s answer was worse.  She said no because she would just have procedures done, “tastefully, of course.”  I mean, I’m not against plastic surgery.  I’d prefer none, but I’m not against it.  You just have to think of the money that she will be spending.  Money doesn’t grow on trees, Raven.

Vegas Odds: +3200.  She kind of looks like Lucy Hale, which is good and all, but I think she’s a little odd.

Bach Sarah.jpg

Sarah, age 26, from Newport Beach, CA

Occupation: Grade School teacher

Best Answer: Well other than the obvious answer that she is from Newport Beach and has probably partied with Ryan Atwood, Seth Cohen and the gang, I would have to say her best answer is that she likes to gamble.  Now I know she probably means blackjack and slots and stuff, but I am imagining her telling her grade school students that it’s naptime so she can research the Premier League lines and text her bookie her picks.

Worst Answer: She lists Carrie Bradshaw as one of her inspirations  so there’s your Sex in the City red flag.  But also she once received the gift of a star being named after her.  That’s a tough, tough gift to beat.  Plus she may be talking about it all the time and will almost definitely be comparing every gift you ever give her to the star.

Vegas Odds: +1900.  Not bad.  I think she makes it through a few episodes, but also she won’t be too crazy because she’s a school teacher.


Susannah, age 26, from San Diego, CA

Occupation: Account Manager

Best Answer: All of her answers were very lukewarm.  Nothing great.  Nothing awful.  So the best of the crop was probably that she’d want to be a watermelon if she could be a fruit or vegetable because they’re sweet and good in the summer.  I like the summer too so that’s fine.

Worst Answer: She chose to be Chrissy Tiegan for a day.  Honestly, not the worst answer because she doesn’t necessarily “admire” her like one of the other girls.  I think being Chrissy Tiegan for a day is actually not a bad answer.  Then maybe she can learn how to make tons of money for doing nothing.  Her guilty pleasure is buying shoes.  The whole “shoe girl” stereotype pisses me off.

Vegas Odds: +4200.  One and done.

Bach Taylor.jpg

Taylor, age 23, from Seattle, WA

Occupation: Mental Health Counselor

Best Answer: Contrary to Sarah from up above said, Taylor’s best gift was a goddamn card.  If she can be wooed by a card, I like my chances.  I mean a fucking teddy bear that says “I love you ” when you squeeze it is better than a card.  Taylor’s most outrageous thing she ever did was streaking.  So just some food for thought.

Worst Answer: The person she admires most in the world is Brene Brown.  I…I don’t know who that is.

Vegas Odds: +2850.  Probably on the lower tier of girls looks wise.

Bach Vanessa.jpg

Vanessa, age 29, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Occupation: Special Education Teacher

Best Answer: Vanessa chose to be an onion because they are a staple item and are available all year round.  Very savvy answer.  One of her biggest fears is hurting people’s feelings.  That’s interesting to me because it means she may just shoot from the hip and say some things that the other girls hate.  Could make for some great television.

Worst Answer: The most romantic gift she ever got was a promise ring.  What are you, 16?

Vegas Odds: +950.  Vanessa is the like the prototypical girl Nick likes.  Look for her to make a deep, deep run.

Bach Whitney.jpg

Whitney, age 25, from Chanhassen, MN

Occupation: Pilates Instructor

Best Answer: A lot of good answers from Whitney.  She’s afraid of horses.  Horses are huge and I respect that.  She wants to be Gisele Bundchen because she’s married to Tom Brady.  Great answer, great reason.  Her favorite foods include fresh fruit, dark chocolate, pancakes and french fries.  All fantastic things.  And, did I mention she’s a pilates instructor?

Worst Answer: I’ll be honest, there was not a lot I didn’t like about Whitney’s answers.  Maybe the fact that she listed dance as one of her favorite sports?  Though she also said hockey, football and golf.  I don’t know.  I’m a fan of Whitney.

Vegas Odds: +1050.  Big fan of Whitney.  I think she’s like, really hot.  Not sure if she wins, but she’s most likely a candidate for the next Bachelorette and if not that then we’ll definitely see her in Bachelor in Paradise.

Alright so those are all of the girls!  All thirty!  Now here’s my pick for the Final Four and my pick of the winner:

Final Four:

  1. Astrid
  2. Danielle M
  3. Vanessa
  4. Angela

First Two Out:

  • Liz
  • Whitney


  • Vanessa

There you have it!

Another big announcement:  We will be running a survivor pool!  Rules are pretty simple:

  1. You pick a girl before each episode (picks must be in by 7:00pm EST on Monday)
  2. If that girl makes it through that episode* you advance.
    1. **Episode.  This is key to understand.  Not Rose Ceremony, episode.  So if there is not a Rose Ceremony for an episode, you advance
  3. You can only pick a girl once, so you may not want to pick a heavy hitter too early

The survivor pool will not start until the episode after the first Rose Ceremony (gotta cut the fat).

DM me if you’re interested in the first ever official Water Cooler Sports Bachelor Survivor Pool.