Well Ladies and Gents, we are finally back after a long blogging hiatus. You may be wondering how a hiatus like mine happened? Well, I have nobody to blame but myself, and I take full responsibility. Here’s to 2017 a year with more consistency, and a year of not letting YOU the readers down.

That all being said, let’s look forward to the games that really matter today, the College Football Playoff. Now, I think that we can all agree that the Committee picked the four best TEAMS this year, and if you can’t admit that then you’re scared of Ohio State or you’re an irrational Penn State fan (try not to lose by 40 to Michigan next time and you’d be in Nittany Lions).

Now let’s look forward to the Playoff:


Washington v. Alabama– 3:00 pm:

  • I’m an SEC guy, and I know that Saban is the greatest college coach of all time, so I may be a BIT biased in this pick; but I’m going with the Tide (much like everyone else).
    • Listen, I understand that Washington is a really good team this year. I think Jake Browning is an amazing quarterback, and that he will go on to also have a great pro career. I also think that Washington has an amazing defense with a stout front 7, that could stymy the Bama run D for a bit. However, Bama has this one in the bag.
  • Just how confident am I? Bama -14. That’s how confident I am. And why wouldn’t I be? The last time I was overly confident in Bama during the opening round of the CFB Playoff look what happened:
  • LOL. Hey, we all have our misses and mistakes. That one was BAD on my part, but I don’t see it happening again. Sorry Washington, it all ends tonight; but just remember, you asked for this.




Clemson v. Ohio State– 7:00 pm:

  • This game is a HELL of a matchup, and with so many storylines, because basically one gets a rematch of a CFB championship game from the past two years. Now I love DeShaun Watson. The kid is a GA boy (who UGA missed on, THANKS RICHT), and he’s a proven winner (besides when he plays Bama). But I also think this Ohio State team is legit, and has a TON of fight.
    • Why do I say that? Well, it goes back to the last game of the season for them, when they won “The Game” against a GREAT Michigan team when they had NOTHING going for them. Literally the only reason Ohio State was still in that game was grit, and that’s the kind of thing that I see helping them to win tonight. Need a reminder of it? Here you go:
  • In addition the comments that Jadar Johnson made about J.T. Barrett means a little extra motivation for the Buckeyes. I think that adds a little more fuel to the fire, which will lead to Ohio St. walking away victorious.
    • Did I just pick a Big Ten team?!? Yes. How confident am I? Not even enough to go OSU -1.5. BUT I am really liking the over 58.5 (Shouts to my good friend Ketch, who HATES when I pick overs, but it’s too hard for me to pass this one up).


That wraps it up. Wholeheartedly expecting a Bama-OSU battle again, where Saban and Meyer get yet another shot at each other. It will be another battle for the ages, but let’s just hope Urban doesn’t almost die again. As always, good luck to you and your wallets, and have a Happy New Year!!