Last night in the Sugar Bowl, while Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon was being showered with “He beats women” chants, legendary broadcaster Brent Musburger said that he wishes Mixon well and hoped he would go onto have a successful NFL career.  When he said this, the internet lost their minds and called for Musburger’s head.  

In Sean Kent’s defense, that would be an awesome reality show.

Anyways, if you recall, Joe Mixon got into a fight with a girl which ended with him punching the girl in the face which caused her to fall and hit her head on a counter in 2014.  He wad disciplined and served his time.  Unluckily for him, this was all caught on a security camera and that footage was released like three weeks ago.  Despite the charges and investigation and penalty all being finished and in the past, people called for Mixon to be cut, or at the very least benched, but Mixon issued an apology and Coach Bob Stoops decided to let Mixon play.  It was a decision that was controversial to say the least.

The reactions from Mixon’s apology were mixed.  Some said it was genuine, some said it wasn’t. Stoops felt that Mixon was genuine with his apology and apparently Musburger agreed and made this clear during last night’s broadcast.  Later in the game, word apparently got to Musburger that Twitter was blowing up about his comments and he set the record straight:

Watching the game, it felt like the viewers were being yelled at for taking candy out of the jar without asking.  Shit got real.  Truth be told though, I have no problem with Brent Musburger taking this stance, and neither should you.  Putting aside the whole “he’s entitled to his opinion” argument, Musbruger is right in the idea of giving people second chances. Did he condone what Mixon did?  Absolutely not. He recognized that it was a disgusting and horrifying action by a dumbass. But Mixon did his time, went through the process and now, even though the actual criminal investigation is over he was disciplined as so, he should pay again just because the video came out?  Didn’t make sense to Brent and it doesn’t make sense to me.  His point was that since Mixon did the time and if he righted his wrongs to the best of his abilities and truly is remorseful, he has no qualms with giving him another – one more, chance.

Musburger isn’t new to controversy.  I think we all remember a few years ago when he came in his pants on live television while looking at Katherine Webb.  But before that even, this is the guy that has been labeled as a racist in the past.  This is the guy that (rightfully) caught heat in 1968 for calling Tommie Smith and John Carlos “black skinned storm-troopers,” “ignoble,” “juvenile” and compared the two to Nazi’s for their protest during the Olympics. Now, he’s wishing a black college kid well after a horrendous crime because as he said “people deserve second chances.”  What’s wrong with that?  Really, what is wrong with that?  What is wrong with being okay with Musburger thinking it’s okay that someone gets a second chance?  I think it’s safe to say Brent Musburger has come a long way since then.  And I think it’s okay that he made the statement he did about Joe Mixon.  

PS – Hey Clay, just chill out man.