Knicks fans as calloused as I am to this fucking losing culture are probably a little bit taken aback by Hornacek’s comments about the team not playing defense… but I think we need to cut him some slack – he isn’t used to his team not trying AT ALL on the defensive end.

We, on the other hand, are VERY used to Melo playing lazy defense and we’re essentially trained to ignore it completely. Oh, Melo forgot to shift, that’s FINE, we’ll get them on the other end. Oh, Melo let a guy go backdoor on him because he was caught napping again? that’s FINE, remember when he scored 62 points at MSG?! He’s a God!! Oh Melo got stripped of the ball and walked back on defense, allowing an easy transition bucket AND followed it up by firing a contested three with 17 seconds left on the shot clock?? OOPS!! CAN’T WIN EM ALL!!!!


We Knicks fans are a special breed. We have seen such little effort on that end of the floor and for SO LONG that we’ve actually become quite accustomed to it. Hornacek on the other end is not. AND, to boot, Horny’s got the balls that maybe no other coach we’ve had in recent reads has had, because he just called his fucking team on it!

I like the way we worded it: “I don’t think our guys aren’t trying (on defense). Maybe we’re just not capable of it.” Not calling out effort is a savvy move – people don’t like to hear they aren’t trying hard enough. But by wording it the way he did he’s basically just saying to his team – “No, no, no guys… I TOTALLY believe you’re trying your very best out there… I just think you suck at 50% of what you have to do on the court.”

If there is half of a fucking leader on this team (**cough cough Joakim Noah** cough cough ** I don’t know what else we’re paying you that much for ** cough cough **), there will be an EXPLOSION in the locker room.

Days like these are why Jason Kidd and Rasheed Wallace were so invaluable back in 2012-13. They presumably walked into the locker room with their 10″ hammers dangling and just said “Hey, assholes, yeah Melo even you (as Sheed flaunts his NBA Championship ring)… We need you to actually stay in front of guys and rebound the ball on the defensive end… It’s not really that hard, you’re already a world class athlete, now just fucking do it.”

I hate that I watch like 70+ games a year and every time I tune in to watch, I know for a fact the odds of seeing good defense from my team are next to zero. So guess what, Jeff Hornacek, I’m pretty fed up myself #ImWithJeff.

I can’t stand another losing season Knicks. Don’t do this to me for the love of the Garden.



Still Horny for Hornacek,