Not sure where I sit on this one… as I was watching the Washington game Sunday, hoping we’d rest the starters yet getting some sort of sick satisfaction out of knowing that we finished the Redskins off this year ourselves, life was great. Their season is over and we (like complete dicks) chose to do so – in a game that meant literally nothing for us…

Then we got our receiving core flying down to Miami after the game to celebrate…

Is this cause for concern? Should I not give a shit?? I don’t know where to stand.

On one hand you got the “Hey, let’s leave them alone… They don’t tell me what to do on my day off, don’t tell them what to do on there’s!!

On the other hand, you got “Hey, you guys are apart of the 26th ranked total offense, and only 17th best passing attack… THAT SUCKS!! Maybe fucking rest up for the next game before your season is over… because guess what – after the Super Bowl you can do this every goddamn day!!

Yes, the maniac in me wants to flip and say the second. But maybe that was the old me. Maybe that’s the “2016 Taylor” that we leave behind.

I think I’m gonna embrace this fucking move. We aren’t “Dem Boys” we’re “Dem Bad Boys” – we win games, fly to Miami, probably bang every chica in South Beach, party with Justin Bieber (random AF), and then come back home to listen to Benny with the Good Hair tell us how we’re gonna take down the goddamn cheeseheads.

Work hard, play hard.

And look at this fuckin’ crew, doesn’t get much harder:


Boys, as long as we win – I don’t care if we have 4 passing yards… You win, you party as hard as you fucking want. Do enough to win the game, and trust me, you’ll live forever in Giants folklore.



Party Hard, Just Play Harder,