What’s up dicks and chicks. Slick Willy here writing my first blog to simply introduce myself. As some of you may remember from Ketch’s cumback bullpen session this past summer, I was his catcher *winky face* and introduced as the newest employee here at WCS; how new I am now is beyond me but here I am. Before you start to complain about how long it’s taken me to post let me just stop you with a big fat #SORRYNOTSORRY. As my summer before, and first semester as a senior at the grand university of the private Jesuit LeMoyne College I spent my free time blacking out and doing marijuana and put blogging off until the winter break. I had scheduled surgery on my knee to get my torn ACL (asshole in medical terms) and meniscus fixed this winter so during my recovery I thought, “Hey, what a great time to blog about your recovery and sports with all this winter break free time.” However, because bad things always happen to good people, my computer crashed the day after my surgery. Thus, leaving me unable to blog. My computer has since been reborn and all I have to say now to you all is, “Buckle the F*CK up.” I’m here now and I ain’t goin no where. I’m not here to make friends. I’m not here to be grammatically correct or spell words right, I spell like a 5th grader still and idgaf because being good at English is for wienies. Thank god for spellcheck amiright? I’m not here to care if I offend you or not. I’m simply here to write about sports, myself, #college, funny shit, and whatever else might tickle my fancy. Thank you for letting me introduce myself and I look forward to whatever road lies ahead on this journey we will take together.