Saturday afternoon, around 1:30 pm, I’m sitting on the couch with my dad wondering what to do with myself this weekend. As you know I go to the grand university in Syracuse, the private Jesuit LeMoyne College, and knew some of my BOIZ were living there and visiting this weekend so decided I was going to take a little trip. NFL playoffs that night and Sunday afternoon before I go home along with the infamous Mulrooney’s pub Saturday night, what could go wrong?

Coincidently one of my friends Colin, who’s from the deep south of Baltimore (maybe Miller knows him), was passing by Binghamton as I was getting ready to go and asked if I wanted a ride. This weekend couldn’t be going any better. Driving for me is difficult and dangerous anyway because of my rehabilitating ACL (asshole) and meniscus surgery (SPOILER ALERT: recovery blog to cum soon). I have been driving with my right leg, which is in a brace that goes from my ankle to my upper thigh, placed on my passenger seat while I drive with my left foot. Yeah, I’m a man of many talents I know. So naturally I took him up on the offer and got the ride, with the plan of leaving Sunday before the end of the Steelers game because we, yes “WE” as in I’m a member of #STEELERNATION, were obviously going to buttpound Miami.

Saturday was a blast. Started getting LIT and watched Houston sloppily beat the Raiders. Cannot help but feel bad for them, injuries killed in my mind what would have been a dangerous post season team. I was rooting for them all the way unless they met the Steelers. Then watched the Seahawks, lead behind Thomas Rawls’ 161 yards on the ground, Doug Baldwin’s 104 yards receiving and a pair of TDs from these guys smack the Lions. Then made it to Mully’s with a crutch in one hand and an RBV in the other. The rest of the night after about 1 am was a blur. Not a blur, I blacked the fuck out. Apparently I refused to get out of the cab because “I’m comfortable and don’t want to try and get out. I’ll just hangout with Colin” is what I was yelling and pointing at the cab driver. The cab drivers name was not Colin. Was up until like 4:30 drinking and doing pot I guess too.

Sunday morning I wake up in a bed next to Colin, don’t worry Big Fudge we didn’t do anything. This is when the age old saying “bad things happen to good people” comes into play. The keys to the car that Colin was supposed to bring me home in where gone. No where to be found. We looked everywhere in that house for 2 hours and called every cab company in Cuse and got nothing. Honestly felt bad for the kid because his bedroom flooded from a pipe and he had to deal with his parents having to send him the spare key. So, needless to say, I wasn’t going to make it home until Tuesday morning when the key was supposed to arrive via overnight mail.

Sure, was I a little annoyed with the fact I wasn’t going to go home that day? I only had one outfit that consisted of socks, underwear, gym shorts, long sleeve t-shirt of my high school bball team, jacket, and Yankee hat. Not to mention my stylish leg brace, and YES that is the exact outfit I wore DT cuse. It’s the exact outfit I wore until Tuesday without showering until when I got home Tuesday at 11 in the morning. Could I probably have borrowed some clothes? Yeah prolly, but I didnt and am not the type to do that cause then you have to wash them and return them and it’s just a hassle. I lived like a couch hopping homeless person for 3 days. Am I proud? No. Did it teach me something? Sure I guess. It taught me that I cherish showers and being clean and sleeping in a bed.

SO….. I made the most of my time. Many of you would have been all pissy and shit cause you couldnt go home and had no clothes. But I was pumped. Pumped for a Sunday full of playoffs and a Monday that had the greatest National Championship game I may ever see in my lifetime. I would have put my life savings on Bama. My mind was telling me Bama, but deep in my heart I was praying that Clemson beat them because #sorrynotsorry I’m sick of Saban and Alabama. And we were all witness to Dabo and his team just dabbing and showing pure fucking grit and got the job done. Incredible. I also got to play with the cutest labradoodle puppy Monday afternoon. Ate nothing but Chipotle, drank beer, and did a good amount of marijuana as well.

So being stranded in Syracuse for a few days wasn’t so bad after all. You guys should try it sometime. Glad to be back home in good ol’ Endicott, NY.