We’ve heard it all since then. Mass rejoicing by the masses that the mighty Saban and the mighty Alabama have fallen, while the “down home Bammer fans” probably haven’t stepped foot out of their house, and have felt nothing but shame since Renfrow crossed the end zone and caught that fateful pass from good ole Georgia boy DSW (yeah, I know Bobo and Mark Richt offered him way too late and he could’ve been a dawg, but that’s a mute point here). #NeverForget:


Truthfully though, what do the Bama fans have to hang their heads about? The answer is NOTHING. This Bama defense is the greatest I’ve ever seen, period. It may be the greatest of all time, but that’s debatable. Clemson just executed their game plan to perfection.

Think about it, last year in the National Championship, where they lost, it was a very similarly played game. Clemson ran a TON of plays, which wore the Bama defense down heavily; BUT Bama changed the tide of the game with a pooch kick they recovered, which ultimately led to them winning the game, even though Clemson had a chance to win late. 

This time around, Clemson ran almost the exact same amount of plays and wore the Bama D down AGAIN. Bama once AGAIN called a trick play, the WR throw, to bring them down within striking range and score the go ahead TD. This time however, Clemson capitalized on their late chance, via an amazing drive, and won the National Championship. Deshaun Watson proved he is one HELL of a gamer, and the Clemson game plan proved to work, and because of that THIS happened:


This was one of the greatest games played in the history of college football, between two truly amazing teams. Is Alabama or the SEC dead? No shot. Is Clemson building the start of a new dynasty and going to carry the ACC to the forefront of college football? Who knows, but it could happen. Should everyone stop overreacting and predicting one or the other? YES. We need to simply relish the fact that we saw an amazing game between two amazing programs. It’s the classic “both teams deserved to win, but only one could” mentality. 

Because of this, my takeaway is for everyone to be thankful we could witness such a crazy and amazing championship game. Also, congratulations to the Clemson Tigers and your fan base it is a truly deserved championship. Here’s to looking forward to next year’s!