Alright, while this isn’t the most consistent post we have on the site, anything recurring is impressive for us, so let’s get to it…

So what do I have to freak out about now?

Two words – Giants media.

At work this week I read on ESPN how the Giants should start preparing for life after Eli… I think to myself- that’s retarded but it’s a national website with jackass fans from like Philly and Dallas reading and maybe they get their nuts off thinking about life after Eli in the NFC East… I get that. THEN, I get in the car and I hear on ESPN New York Radio (I want to say it was on Dave Rothenberg’s show) them agree with a caller about how Eli has about one or two more GOOD YEARS in him…

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How in the actual fuck could people think that?

Eli’s numbers over his career:

Eli Manning Stats Career New York Giants.PNG

How based on those figures can you justify saying that?! His QBR has been lower before, his rating has been lower before, his picks have been higher, his TD’s have been lower… Literally retarded.

Listen, Eli doesn’t have one more “good year” in him, he doesn’t have two…

No, here’s what we have with Eli you fucking morons who think otherwise… We have probably 5 more years with him. Not “good years” but we have about 5. Why not “good”? Because we will see the exact same Eli we’ve seen for the past 13 years!! It’s not GOOD – it’s ELI!!!

Eli throws bad balls. That is one very consistent thing throughout his career. He isn’t on the decline. He had a bad offensive line so the team struggled. It’s literally that simple. If we had any sort of offensive line, we’d have run the ball more effectively – opening up the passing game AND allowing for a better overall offense. I’m not saying Eli is elite, or great, or even good – but we will have that exact same Eli we’ve seen throughout his career for a while.

The New York media is so quick to get people out the second we don’t win but that’s absolutely fucking retarded.

Some more food for thought for anyone who thinks 5 years is ludicrous – Eli doesn’t take hits like most other QB’s out there. He throws A LOT of balls away and lives to play another down, but he avoids the big hits. THAT is what will lead to his longevity in my opinion. Peyton had a fused neck, Brady has had his injury problems – why? They hung in the pocket (arguably like you want your QB to) and took hits to hold the ball long enough for WR’s to get open. Eli doesn’t. He doesn’t lose yards on a sack when he can throw it away.

I don’t know – the notion that the Giants need to look to the future right now is retarded. Don’t waste a draft pick on some QB to build a future with… Build that O-Line and retain your defense. We have more years in this roster to make some serious title runs.

Maybe I’m just a little ornery today but this legitimately pissed me the fuck off…



Eli Isn’t Great but Whatever,