Two of the last thirteen games… TWO.

It sucks for games like yesterday when we score EIGHT POINTS in the 3rd quarter, but it hurts maybe even worse during these games. I’ve said before how I watch these games and anticipate the last minute… It’s the same shit over and over in close games, either A) we cut our 20 point deficit to like 6 with a couple minutes left and we just can’t get any closer, or B) we have a 10 point lead and blow slowly but surely until a game winner is needed by Melo or Porzingis and they get locked down on.

This is bad. We are about to approach the dog days of sports with the NFL winding down, and college football over, with only the NBA and college basketball to keep us sane, and the Knicks are looking like the same irrelevant team who are going to be playing meaningless games before the All Star Break.

So the question is – is it time? Do we press reset?


But not yet. I LOVE Ron Baker. I LOVE Kuz. I LOVE Hernangomez. I LOVE Zingis.

SpongeBob SquarePants i love you spongebob patrick star

Those are four young guys I am so happy to build a team around, but I also still love Rose. I still love Noah. I still love Courtney Lee. I still love BJ.

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Now I’ve heard “is it time to give up on Melo?” And I get it. It sucks but I get where it’s coming from… why? HE ISN’T A WINNER – PLAIN AND SIMPLE!!

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Here’s my thing – don’t we owe it to make it clear to him RIGHT NOW – “Hey jackass, start winning games, change this locker room to a winning locker room, or you’re going to be dealt. You’re going to leave this city you “love” and that unconditionally the fans have loved you right back… sometimes for no reason, but we love you“?? I think we owe him that – as a human – last chance Melo.

Give this team one month. The All Star Game is February 19th. If we still haven’t become anything close to respectable, BLOW IT UP. But this is it. Draw a line in the sand. Trade Melo for draft picks and build like that. We’ve got some young guys, let’s build on THAT. Cuz ME, a disgustingly faithful Knicks fan am pretty pissed about the shit I am watching right now.



Killing Me Softly,