Another GREAT week and Martin Luther King Day to kick off this one off? Absolutely nothing better!!

We live in a country of rising up above the obstacles, needing second (or third or fourth) opportunities, and MLK was all about that.

This week’s National Anthem is PRIME USA stuff right here, April 23rd 2003, this lovely girl comes in to sing the National Anthem at a Blazers-Mavericks playoff game, what happens next was unreal…

At first it’s like a train-wreck and you feel TERRIBLE for the girl, but Maurice Cheeks, an absolute STUD patriot, steps in and saves the day… and honestly, probably this girl’s self-esteem forever. It was just of of those moments you’ll never forget as a sports fan – or shit, as an American.

When things are looking shitty (and maybe you can’t even remember the words to the national anthem), you bet your ass there’s a Patriot nearby willing to help.

God I love this country!!



God Bless Mo Cheeks and God Bless the USA,