Okay, so two weeks of NFL football have come and gone and there is about one thing for certain – I SUCK at gambling.

It takes a big man to admit that but going 1-7 in the playoffs so far will do that to you.

Back during my Wild Card Weekend Preview, I admittedly used my heart a little bit more than this weekend – and that backfired… Raiders (+3.5) against the Texans seemed like a good pick, Lions (+8) – while being more of a “fan” pick seemed like a lot of points to give anyone, Pittsburgh (-10) to the Dolphins was my lone victory thanks to Matt Moore’s infinitely flaccid arm, and then Giants (+4.5) was heartbreaking… obviously.

So 1-3 heading into this weekend I figured, “Hey Joe, you can turn this around, just use your brain instead of your heart… Your heart sucks.” And guess what?! APPARENTLY I’M RETARDED!! ZERO FOR FOUR this weekend…

Okay, well… Am I the worst? Maybe. Will I give up against the spread? NEVER. If Trump has taught me anything, it’s to never give up no matter what the numbers look like!! #MAGA!!!!!

Early lines for next week look like Falcons are favored by 4 and the Pats are by 6… Do I like those lines? Do I think I can overcome my shit streak?

The Late Late Show with James Corden yes yeah shia labeouf agree

Here they are folks – your LOCKS for Conference Championship Weekend…

PACKERS (+4) and PATRIOTS (-6)… There is basically no spread for the Patriots I wouldn’t take, at Foxborough. Keep in mind Steeleres players were going down with a ton of injuries at the end of that game and – OH – they stopped putting up points when that happened. Pats art sort of my “lock” if I were to pick one… The Packers pick is just basically because the Falcons are flying too close to the sun and Green Bay will remind them what their franchise is supposed to be – I’ll take Aaron Rodgers plus those points all day.

Alright, well I can’t wait to see The Pats win by 5 now and the Packers lose by 40 since that’s how gambling evidently works in my life (that’s a reverse jinx for all those rookies out there).



Stay Stubborn & Keep Gambling,