On a ridiculously hilarious level, I grew up watching MAAC basketball. My cousins live up that way and #ballislife, so there were many Siena ball games witnessed as a youngin’ by your boy Taylor.

I think I ordered a Coca-Cola at the ol’ Pepsi Arena #RIP (shout-out to Troy, NY) when I was 5 years old and that staunch “Fuck Pepsi, Go Coke” attitude has carried with me 22 years later.

Anyway, with family ties to both Rider and Siena, I never had a horse in these games when the two perennial powerhouses square off… But last night was something dreams are made of.

For starters, the Broncs and Saints started the game using the 35 second shot clock… A rule that was changed in 1932 at the beginning of last season, sooooo props to everyone responsible there – that is HILARIOUS.

Then, in true, classy MAAC-fashion a fight broke out with about 2 minutes left in the game. Legitimately great stuff off a “hard” foul (if you want to call it that). Players started swinging, coaches got in on it… It was GREAT.

Then after the buzzer sounded and Siena had won by like 10 points, to add the absolute cherry on top, Siena coach Jimmy Patsos fake handshakes the entire Rider team, mocking the living shit out of them and I LOVE this.

Now, off air on the Keeping Score at Home podcast where I recently signed a 10-day contract with and plan to resign another 10-day contract this week (Kenyon Martin w/ the Knicks style), I decided I need to pick a conference… Why? Because Ketch is a biiiiig PAC-12 guy and Miller is an SEC nutjob… So where does that leave me?

After last nights showing, the MAAC is in strong contention.

Between the scorekeepers fucking up (I mean honestly what is this rec league?), a fight in general where coaches get involved, AND a public shaming of the losing team by the winning team’s coach… Just great, great, GREAT stuff by the MAAC.



MAAC Gettin’ LIT,