I don’t want to get too high on winning a regular season game in the middle of January to #3 seed in the East on the road, but #SORRYNOTSORRY I’m pretty fired up.

And here’s why…

Phil & Melo’s conversation, I believe, was the wake up call Melo – and maybe the team – needed to be like, “Oh, shit… We have to win or we’ll actually get shipped out of here.”

Never in Melo’s tenure has the thought of him getting traded been more real, and now maybe (hopefully) he’s thinking, “Shit, I better get it together before Phil actually deals me.”

And hey, SURPRISE, when a team of pretty good fucking players plays good, hard-fought basketball, THEY WIN!!

I said it before, we need to hold off this “we need to blow it up now” notion until we prove definitively that by the All Star Break that it isn’t working… Until then, I bet on the “Rose-Lee-Melo-Zingis-Noah-Kuz-Willy-BJ-KOQ-Ronny-B” rotation of players we got going, cuz I truly believe in most of them (maybe not KOQ).

Things are looking up after just one win and as usual, my optimism is THROUGH THE ROOF.



Blindly Optimistic,