Good lord would this be unreal.

Earlier today on First Take, the 2012 MVP* named the NEW YORK GIANTS as one of the teams he’d consider if his time were to be up in purple and gold…

Reasons why New York include “a good defense, a good offensive scheme and a great coaching staff.”

happy dancing fun excited awesome

Now, I have stated before and I’ll say it again – the offensive line is why our running game sucks, not Jennings/Perkins/Darkwa/whoever… You could put Barry Fucking Sanders back there and he’s not doing great. But the thought of having AP back there with Eli is enough to already get me hyped AF for the 2017-18 season.

All of a sudden those 3rd and 20 inside hand-offs that we love to run so much seem to have a little more of a chance to convert. For the record, my Sabermetrics tell me previously the conversion rate was roughly 0.000001%.

Again, please fix that O-Line first and keep the defense staunch, but if he wants to play for whatever we have left to offer, let’s talk about AP playing in NYG.



Switches Lead to Stitches,





*= Keep in mind the UNREAL success a former 2011 MVP (Derrick Rose) has had since making the change to the Big Apple. Sooooooooo…