Attention America, I had no idea we made such an egregious mistake…

After seeing this, I am afraid I have no other choice but to assume this man is completely unfit to run this country. If you look at Joe “Fucking” Flacco and think he is elite, you shouldn’t be making decisions on the national debt – that seems so simple!! YOU ARE ACTUALLY CERTIFIABLY CLEARLY A LUNATIC!!

Here’s the facts, plan and simple… Joe Flacco has two Super Bowl rings (that his defense won). THAT much is a fact. Here are some more facts… “fact” stats that undeniably make my case for me.

In his nine years, 3 times he’s thrown LESS THAN 20 TD’s; NEVER has he thrown more than 30 TD’s and only once has he thrown for over 4,000 yards in a season.

Now, I am the furthest thing from calling Eli “elite” but let’s compare along the same time frame… Eli has only ONCE thrown for less than 20 TD’s, 3 times he’s thrown for over 30, and SIX of those years he’s thrown for over 4,000 yards.

If Joe Flacco is “elite” – WHO THE FUCK ISN’T “ELITE”?!?!

I am so disappointed in Trump. I had no clue he had such egregious judgment… I’m just glad for the next four years he has nowhere to go but up.