And there you have it! One of the greatest and most storied American traditions has finally been completed. The President of the United States has been sworn in. 

Now let that sink in. Donald Trump. THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. What a wild wild ride it has been, and still continues to be. This has been a roller coaster of an election cycle. It has been combative, and, at some points, down right divisive; but it is over and our President has been sworn in. 

I’m not the type to get all political and to preach my views on here, but it is worth noting the uncanny result of this election, which almost NOBODY saw coming. 

Think about it. Since day 1 nobody in a  Republican leadership position thought Trump had ANY shot of locking up the nomination. Then what happened? He won the right to represent the Republican Party and to be the nominee.

After that? The general election. Trump haters everywhere thought it was a lay-up for Hillary Clinton. Hell, even Hill-dawg was said to have been ecstatic. The Presidency was in the palm of her hands. Then she ran a terrible campaign, which included an under-estimation of the effect that rural America, and the Reagan-Democrats from the rust belt, could have on the election. That under-estimation, mixed with a general disdain for the status quo in Washington, led to what we have now. Donald Trump’s inauguration.

As for the inauguration, it was the perfect form of Trump. Off-the-cuff commentary mixed with moments of distinct Presidential demeanor. It is the perfect mix that grabbed the American people by their boot straps and led to the implosion in the voting booths on election day.

This event, and the battle that Donald Trump went through to get here today, is exactly why I believe in this man. The Republican Party tried hard to push him aside in the primary, he won them over. The whole world seemingly was against him in the general (except Russia tehehe), and he vanquished them too. Next up? The Never-Trumpers, the “Not My President-ers,” and anybody else protesting and standing in his way. 

Say what you will about the man, but if Donald Trump has proven anything since this campaign started, it is this: You will not break his spirit, and you will not stop him. It doesn’t matter how much you protest and how much you loathe him. He will stop at nothing to get results, and has proven the ability to do so. 

I am not saying he is the second coming of our savior, but I am saying his will is something that I admire. So, in closing, here is to the next four years; and to hoping Donald Trump can truly Make America Great Again!


P.S.- To anyone honestly hoping the worst for Donald Trump, grow up. You hope the worst for him and that means you hope the worst for our country. Do you hope for terrible things to happen to a pilot while you’re on a plane? No. So don’t wish ill thoughts to the President of our country.