Since this past Tuesday marked the 4 week (1 month for the slower readers) mark of my recovery period post ACL and meniscus surgery I think it’s time for my much anticipated recovery story, up to this point.

Week 1 (Dec 20-26)

Might be the most exciting week just an FYI.


Day of my surgery. I awoke at about 6:30 that morning because we had to be at the hospital at 8am. I was mentally ready. I was not supposed to eat or drink anything 12 hours before my surgery but I was thirsty so I drank a glass of water. I figured, what could be so bad about drinking some water? Maybe they’ll be happy the patient is well hydrated. Turns out I was wrong. We get to the hospital and they have me get naked hehehehe, put on a hospital gown, and ask me 173836289 different questions. One of the last questions was, “Have you had anything to eat or drink in the last twelve hours?” To which I responded, “Nothing except a glass of water this morning.” Holy shit you thought I would have confessed to a murder. The nurse was so concerned she had to go talk to the anesthesiologist. Some stupid medical thing about the water possibly going into my lungs while I’m under…whatever. I still woke up so I guess it was fine. After the glass of water panic was over I basically just sat around with an i.v. in my arm, which took the nurse like 5 different times to get to go into my vain, for the next like 2-3 hours. Got wheeled down to the room before you get put in the operating room. They told me a bunch of shit I don’t remember cause at the point I was freaking out. Then got a bunch of drugs pumped into my i.v. and fell asleep for 2 hours and woke up with my knee feeling like it got shot and broken. Apparently I had a new ACL and a stitched up meniscus. I guess they were waiting for me to wake up before they gave me any pain killers, so fresh out of surgery you could say I was in quite a bit of pain, then came the pain killers. At this point they started pumping me with enough pain killers to bring down a horse; I was actually feeling pretty good and wanted to get the fuck out of the hospital. At this point it was like 4 pm… 8 hours. So after other 45 mins of listening to dumb medical stuff and me saying “When can I leave? Can I go yet?” They let me out. I was a free man with a new leg, I just couldn’t feel it, move it, bend it, lift it without the help of my hand, or walk. In all honesty I felt pretty good, thanks to all the painkillers. I’m sure the hospital pumped me full of some good shit. Sleeping was going to rough; I had to sleep on my back with my leg elevated under like 7 pillows and couldn’t move.


The next couple of days were spent literally laying on the couch and doing nothing; this was also the time span where my computer crashed so that was just another great way to start this recovery. I also was awaiting my first physical therapy appointment on friday the 23rd. These next few days is also when the pain killers from the hospital started to wear off and the real pain and swelling of my leg started to set in. I had so much swelling and bandages on I could barely strap my brace shut. I was taking 2 percocets every like 3 hours and my leg still hurt; like I wanted to chop it off and die. Sleeping was a nightmare…. I don’t know how real of a thing this is, but I’m pretty sure you hurt more and are sick worse at night then during the day. I say this because I would go through the day feeling okay and then as soon as I tried to go to bed it felt like someone was hitting my knee with a baseball bat that had nails in it. I also took my first shower in this time frame and that was fun. Have t0 put a big garbage bag on my leg to cover my brace that goes from my ankle to my upper thigh and rubber band it so no water gets in there. Not to mention I couldn’t put any weight on it and pray to God I didn’t slip and fall while showering on one leg.

My first physical therapy appointment was Friday the 23rd. Here is where they took of my bandages and wraps and I could actually see what my knee looked like, and holy shit it looked nuts. They also had measured the width of both knees to compare sizes and my new knee was 8 inches wider around than my normal one…. that’s how swollen it was.

img_2672They did some shock therapy to fire up my quad muscle and then iced me down….thank you, I know I have nice legs. Well one nice one now.

That night I had a little family Christmas party/gift exchange and really did not want to go. So naturally, took some percs and went for a few hours and sat in the same spot all night and tried my hardest not to scream at all my little cousins and tell them to calm down. Looking back at it, I don’t get what the hype is for Christmas gifts…. little kids go absolutely BANANAS for a toy they play with for 2 days and it either breaks or they get bored with it.


Christmas eve, sat around all day until I had to get ready to go to my grandmother’s for dinner. I had plans to go eat at my grams and then go with the girl friend to her grams house; the classic bf and gf stuff. Knee was feeling okay. I even got a gift at my gf’s grandma’s house so that was LITTTTT.

Christmas day was pretty good. Santa killed it and my pops made us a huge breakfast that consisted of eggs, homefries, ham steak, and toast; this is a tradition in my household every Christmas morning. Then my family and I went to my aunts house to visit with the fam on my dads side. A LOT of Italian food. Lasagna, meatballs, sausage, zitti, etc. After that I went to the girls house for second dinner. It was a more traditional turkey and stuff dinner, and it was delicious. Then exchanged gifts with the girl, she loved her gifts as she should have because I killed, she did good too and hooked ya boy up and got to watch the Steelers clinch the devision with the W over the Balty Ravens.

The day after Christmas is always shitty. Everything is all over and you feel like there’s nothing to look forward to. New Years Eve is a make believe holiday to me and me being with only one leg wasn’t gearing to get to the bars. So basically what happened the day after the birth of our Lord, I went to PT where did some stretching and got my knee rubbed down (; and just watched the Flix. Shameless is my new fav show.

Week 2 (Dec 27 – Jan 2)

Honestly now that it had been a week my knee was starting to feel less painful and I was more cumfartable. I could sleep better and move around more without feeling like my leg was going to fall off. I continued regularly scheduled PT appoints every other day. The only thing I had was the TV, Xbox, and my gf would come listen to me complain and would do stuff for me (if you know what I mean) which was nice.

One of my biggest fears while recovering from this surgery was getting fat, and boy was I on my way to being huge if I was to keep up my holiday eating habits. So this week I made it my goal to eat less and healthier (I know it’s pretty gay but its almost speedo season and I can’t play pickup basketball for cardio).

At least I had a bunch of college football bowl games to watch….and not to brag, but I won every bet on college football I took this week. I guess the gambling gods felt bad for me.

New Years eve was something special I would say. Taylor came to Ketch’s and my neck of the NYS area and paid my family and I a visit at my home in Endicott. It was something so special you would have thought it was a movie; we then went and paid Ketch a visit at his home. After Taylor, Ketch, and I hung out and touch tips for a while Taylor drove me to my lady’s house. I made dinner and got pretty hammered for the first time since surgery and it was great. Passed out on her living room couch at like 1:30 in the morning. Recovery has been going very smoothly.

Week 3 (Jan 3 – 9)

The main focus of this weeks recovery was that I got my stitches out and became a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG smoothie guy.

Finally no more stitches. No more taking showers with a garbage bag on my leg. No more itchy stitches. I could finally feel somewhat normal again. Now that I could take a shower without my brace and garbage bag on it was time for a new challenge; not doing anything to fuck with my knee because I had no brace on. My knee, to say the least, was weak AF. Like no joke felt like a stick holding me up compared to my normal leg. If I put sudden weight on it or tried to stop myself from slipping with it I think my leg would just snap and I would be dead. So I had to be careful and the first time I was quite shook doing it…you could say I’m a pro now.

img_2671This was my knee at this point after the stitches were gone.


This was the same week in recovery where I really started getting into smoothies. You may have seen my twitter post about them.

I love them. Smoothies are amazing. They are so tasty and honestly make me feel like I’m actually a healthy person, which I’m far from. And to top it all off, this was the week I was told I could put weight on my leg with my brace…. and in my mind meant “no more crutches” so I went a few days without them. I still needed them cause wow did my leg start to hurt.

This was also the weekend of the first NFL playoff games and I was so HYPED. I even made a trip to Syracuse to visit some friends and ended up getting stranded for the rest of this week of recovery, you can read more about the Syracuse trip here.

Week 4 – Now

Now I’m finally home from Syracuse and wanted to do nothing but shower and watch Shameless and nap. And I did that. Then got some subs with the girl then we cuddled, it was sick. The rest of the week was pretty boring. Now that my knee is healed pretty good I have been able to drive around and actually get out of the house. I even made it to my first trivia night at The Galley since the summer time. The Steelers got past the Chiefs and life is good.

Now that winter break is coming to and end I had to start figuring out my classes and books and stuff. I even picked up another class and created a 1 year plan. Yeah you could say I’m pretty ambitious and on top of my shit.

I’d like to think I’m on my way to a great recovery. Now all I can do is wait until I can start doing more exercises as my healing progresses, that’s what my pt people told me. I have an appointment with a new place in Syracuse which I’m hoping goes well because I am cumfartable with the people I work with now. So I hope these people at SOS Syracuse aren’t weird and have some hot chicks that know what they are doing. Before you know it I’ll be back to pick up basketball and slow-pitch softball in the summer. I will be sure to keep you all up to date on the recovery to come.