Wow, another weekend… we made it folks.

This weekend was a trying time in American history… No two ways about that. But I for one, hope we look back on it as the weekend where a man came into office, who was vehemently hated by almost half the country, got the message LOUD AND CLEAR on Day 1 that he shouldn’t be grabbing anything of anyone’s that maybe he shouldn’t… and instead he turns into the greatest president ever, for the greatest nation ever.

If you aren’t rooting for that, I don’t know what to tell you.

Regardless, this nation is awesome that we’re allowed to protest like this and not get shot or sprayed with mustard gas or whatever. We live in a great fucking nation and I for one and proud, today and everyday to be an American.

Without further ado, please rise and remove your hats for the singing of our National Anthem…

Now, why did I choose a Boston themed national anthem, just one day after the Patriots won the AFC Champs? It’s because I am not a New England fan (not even close), but I can put that aside when it comes to America. God Bless the USA – and that means ALL of you!!



Where Stars & Stripes & Eagles Fly,