Okay, maybe not… Hell of a headline grab though – shout out to me.

No, but seriously, this game meant a lot. The Knicks were (unbelievably) ONLY 3.5 games out of the playoffs before today’s slate of games. The Pacers were the #7 seed (I think – don’t fact check me), and beating THAT kind of team was huge, first and foremost… but in that fashion? A game that assuredly felt like it had slipped away down the stretch. That was a game we lost every FREAKING time this whole year… GOD this game felt good.

Secondly, the story line for this game could’ve been very different, headlined by this:


But like I said, instead of us BASHING THE LIVING PISS out of Joakim for completely blowing it on that free throw, we’re talking about what a huge road win to keep us painfully somehow relevant in the East.

BIG win, and we need to keep stringing these together. We have such a talented squad, I want to see this team playing meaningful ball games late in the season – maybe a playoff series. But we need to win, and we need to WIN NOW.

Great win over the Pacers.

Oh, and real quick, FUCK TNT for showing us the Reggie Miller 8 points in nine seconds clip. WE REMEMBER JACKASSES. DON’T SHOW US IT AGAIN!!!



Tape to the Title,