What’s up guys, maybe girls too?  If so – sup?  I’m Mac coming live from the world renowned, and former home of MLB’s own Jon Ratliff, who got jibbed from the hall even with an outstanding 0.00 ERA, THE Le Moyne College.  No, I’m not dying, but it sure does feel like it because this is the beginning of the end for my stay here.  Sad stuff. Boohoo.  I’ll get over it, probably.  I thought I would just kind of get an intro blog out here saying who I am and what not, maybe get a glimpse of what I’m trying to do with this. Some of you may know me from the various charity events, formals, and rowdy blackouts through the Sigma Phi Martin Fraternity over at Miller’s old abode (shouts out to the Godfather and Spaghetti Steve).  I am currently doing busy work as Founder and President of Sigma Phi Martin-inspired Le Moyne Sled Club.  Think of it like Ski Club but with sleds (genius).  I have taken my talents from the highly edited shitbag school newspaper, The Dolphin, to join this beautiful group of idiots many of you call family (hell of a pay raise too).

As far as sports goes I’m a big Red Sox guy and glad to join Miller and Ketch on the road to the 2017 World Series.  Also the biggest believer of our Lord and Savior’s greatest gift since Johnny Paul II, Carson Wentz.  I know, I know, how is he an Eagles fan and Red Sox? Well that’s what happens when you grow up in Albany, NY where our biggest sport achievement was that historic back to back to back MAAC Championships by THE Siena Saints (hell of some teams tbh, check out their runs in the tournament too. Also shouts out to Fran McCaffery).  So, I write to you guys as a man realizing his life is over when he graduates in May. A man who hasn’t had class before 11 since ‘14.  A man not ready to give up his drinking problem just yet.  Follow me through this journey of bullshit we call life.  




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P.S. HUGE meme guy, so get ready for those.