I think I wrote a similar blog over the summer when Durant actually did leave Oklahoma City, but over the past couple weeks I’ve seen and heard a lot of hate for Durant.  To start off, I’d like to say that I get it.  I understand why people, such as fellow writer Tayls, hate Durant.  I understand why people are calling him a coward and all that shit.  But I have a different viewpoint that you can either agree or disagree with.

First off, I will never hate on a player for going to a team that gives them a better chance to win.  Too many times in the past, players have been crucified for taking money over potential championships.  KD took the championships and now he’s being crushed.  I understand this instance is different since the Thunder were pretty close to beating the Warriors last year, but still I think we can all agree that Durant has a better chance of a ring with the Warriors than he would with the Thunder.

On top of that, Durant is the best player on the Warriors right now.  This isn’t like when LeBron joined Bosh and Wade in Miami, and Bosh had to take a lesser role despite being a superstar.  Durant has come into Golden State and has had an immediate impact on that already stellar team.

But the real reason I don’t blame KD for leaving OKC is because of one man: Russell Westbrook.  Look, what he’s doing is amazing.  He’s averaging a triple double.  He’s making things happen and playing out of his mind.  He was absolutely snubbed by not starting in the All Star Game, but let’s not sit here and say that he would be doing what he’s doing with Durant.  Westbrook is literally all the Thunder have, which is why he’s putting up these numbers.

And on top of that, Westbrook is a dickhead.  I know Tayls went after Klay Thompson a few weeks ago, calling him a tool for drinking a Coors Light during a post game interview, but if you’re telling me you’d rather hang out with Russell Westbrook than Klay Thompson, you’re flat out wrong.  Westbrook is your friend that always does dumbass things and you just sit in the corner and shake your head like “Jesus Christ here we go again.”

I mean would you want to be associated with that guy?  Dropping n-bombs in an interview?  Acting like a little bitch AFTER A WIN (that was the first interview)?  Give me a break.  I’m not saying Steph and Klay and Zaza are the easiest guys to get along with, but if I’m Durant, I too am trying to get as far away as fucking possible from Westbrook too.  And best case scenario, I kick his ass when it matters.