Gentlemen (and ladies) of the Water Cooler, I hope you’re having a splendid week. Putting my sports input for the week… MY DIRTY BIRDS ARE IN THE SUPER BOWL!!! Fuck you Aaron Rogers and your hot wife! The Falcons offense is unstoppable and I fricken love it. With that being said, tough road ahead taking on mighty Brady and the Pats. Should be an excellent game, cannot wait.

Big week coming up here in the Land Down Under, for it is “Australia Day” on Thursday! Gonna get so whacked that I’m going to forget my name. These are going to be my jams for the day because God Damnit they are so beachy and smooth. Let’s get to it…

1.) The Vamps & Matoma – All Night

The GOAT of Tropical House is back with some help from The Vamps. Great party tune. Semen is spilling from my earlobes.

2.) Mako – Our Story

My man Mako back with this crowd pleaser and I must say, I love the vocals on this track. Really accompanies the beat well. No disappointment from the guy, as always.

3.) Galantis – Pillow Fight

Galantis… Need I say more? Everything this dude releases is fire.

4.) Bob Marley – Jammin (Kungs Remix)

Little older, but still can’t get over this tropical vibe. Played this song on the beach the other day and a couple of mates were head bobbin’ to it…. Whatever, no big deal, I aim to please.

5.) Phil Collins – In The Air Tonight (Vintage Culture Remix)

One of the greatest songs ever recorded with a nice tropical/beachy spin? Yes please!

6.) The Police – Every Breath You Take (Deep Chills Remix)

Once again, an all time classic with some of the best beaches vibes this side of the Indian Ocean. Yes, that’s where I swim now, the Indian Ocean.

That’s all I got for the week guys! Side note: word on the street is that if I get this playlist to a solid 5-6 hours long, it might be featured at BeerFest 2017… Wouldn’t hate it one bit. I’ll be there, and I will be not sober. I promise. Enjoy the rest of your week and have a sexy weekend. Go Falcons.