Tonight, our New York Knicks look to get win #21 this season against a lowly Mavericks team (15-29) in Dallas and there seem to be many reasons the Knicks will take tonight’s game.

Am I still too high off the Pacers almost loss win? How could I trust this up-and-down Knicks team to beat anyone?


Well… For starters, Wes Matthews is hurt, JJ Barea is hurt AND Andrew Bogut is hurt. All three are key components with Matthews leading the Mavs in steals, Barea (shockingly) is #5 on the team in scoring and Bogut is their rim protector, leading the team in rebounds and blocks.

Also, we already smoked Dallas back in mid-November by 16 at the Garden… yes, that Knicks team looked WAY better than we do now, but still worth noting.

So guess what, I know we lost Marty Quinn a few months back, but Vegas has the Knicks (+2.5) tonight… LOCK. OF. THE. NIGHT.

The Knicks over the last six games have a point differential of -9.5 (aka they lose by 1.5 points per game for those of your mathematically challenged), during which they are 2-4 and definitely TRENDING UPWARD.

Again, Knicks-Mavs – lock of the night – Knicks (+2.5). BOOM.



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