#5. Penn State’s Golden Boy. Christian Hackenberg. Aka “The Future of New York Jets Football” did not take a single regular season snap after being drafted in the 2nd round last summer… But I’ll tell you one thing – after seeing his girlfriend, Tatum Coffey, I have never been more convinced we have the next Joe Namath already in green and white.

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Alright, no more yappin’… Check out #5’s #1:

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She was a reporter for the Big Ten Network, played D-1 lacrosse (and field hockey?) at Penn State, and certainly wears hunting gear REAL WELL… Christian, you are BAR NONE my favorite Jet, arguably were before I learned THIS, but definitely have my full blessing to be the next New York legend.

Again, not to be a broken record, but babe girlfriend = confidence… And confidence translates to the field. Ipso facto, Hack is the future of New York Jets football.

So Pats, enjoy this time now. The Jets have the wind at their backs and a young buck ready to run the AFC East for decades!!



Green Means Go,