Let me start by saying I hate writing this article… I wanted the Knicks to be in a much better position than they are right now. I didn’t want them to be a team who goes out and can’t even beat teams who are 14 games under .500 – but there we went and did it last night! So the inevitable “let’s blow it up” talk has started… And I hate it.

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Okay, now I heard the Kevin Love for Carmelo Anthony trade evidently got rejected by the Cavs… For the life of me I don’t understand why. Kevin Love is pretty soft on defense. Carmelo Anthony hates to play defense. Offensively, I don’t think there is even a comparison, Melo with the advantage. But here’s where I think the Cavs missed big…

Remember “Team USA Melo”? That guy played defense because winning is fun so if he HAS to do it, he will. And the thing is, he’s pretty damn good at it when he wants to be. You put Melo on a winning team, his attitude immediately changes from only looking cool and shooting the lights out on one end, to playing both ends and WINNING.

Now, I had heard Knicks fans on Twitter clamor that we can’t get rid of Melo because his contract is too big and he’s aging… Well, let me remind everyone of last off-season’s free agency where insane money was dumped out:

  • Timofey Mozgov (age 30) – $15M/year
  • Luol Deng (age 31) – $18M/year
  • Joakim Noah (age 31) – $13M/year
  • Demar Derozan (age 27) – $24M/year

So if you’re telling me that Carmelo Anthony (age 32) isn’t worth his $25M/year, you’re high.

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Besides, the Cavs would’ve dumped Love’s $21M/year to only add $4M with Carmelo’s… Now that trade really doesn’t seem so bad.

All in all, I would hate Love on the Knicks so I’m happy this isn’t happening – especially if the trade was straight up Melo for Love… however, I see the end is near for Melo in New York.

I had said a couple weeks back that this is it, we need to turn this around right now and in a big way. I really believe this team has so many great pieces but it just hasn’t translated to wins… really, really SAD.



I Miss Renaldo Balkman,