Enes Kanter… you’re an idiot.

I mean, I’m not an “Enes Kanter Guy” per se, never have been… Honestly can’t say I really respect any guy who’s in the association just because they’re BIG. And doing shit like this always seems like a hard-o move… Now the 6th seed in the West, Oklahoma City will have to play for a while without Kanter as he broke his arm punching the chair.


#1 – What was the point? What did you accomplish by doing that? You showed your team and theirs how frustrated you are… Grow up Peter Pan.

#2 – What did that chair do to you Enes?! It was always there for you and your team, selflessly offering its face for you all to sit on… and you go and assault it?? SAD.

#3 – You’re ugly.

Oh well, I guess this just means those 14.4 points per game he’s selfishly been scoring will just be more points Russ can get! #0 will just have to put more on his shoulders and do everything AND THEN SOME as he single-handedly (dare I say Allen Iverson-ly) carries his team to relevancy.

I now am starting to understand why Ketch hates the Turks… Thanks for opening my eyes Enes.



Enes Ryhmes With,