I decided to introduce myself as the newest member of Water Cooler Sports through a piece I masterfully titled “The Fluffer Before the Nutter” for reasons I will explain. First, the “Fluffer” represents my first blog, which in turn is this here masterpiece. Secondly, the “Nutter” represents all the delicious posts to come (also, I’m craving a peanut butter and fluff sandwich currently). However, for all you sick individuals, who were thinking something a little more promiscuous, shame on you. Regardless of your mental thought process, and without further ado, allow me to introduce myself.

A hello to all, my name is Shimmy and a fun fact is I rarely do the shimmy.


  1. My favorite color is green
  2. I like to drink water, orange juice, Blue Light, and occasionally 2% milk BUT only when the Cocoa Puffs turn the milk into chocolate milk
  3. I am roughly 5’10” on a good day
  4. Not much of a Ranch or Blue cheese guy, weird I know

First things first, my blogs may or may not hurt your feelings. But this first blog’s sole purpose is to help shed some light on perhaps my erroneous opinions that are floating out there in the realm of professional sports.

At some point you have to realize that you have chosen, sadly, to support an atrociously pathetic team such as the New York Yankees lately… And speaking of yanking – let’s get one thing straight, LeBron James is not my favorite player in the NBA – but I just hate the Golden State Warriors and the only way I see it is that LBJ is the only man on earth who can defeat those assholes. Segueing into a little football banter, I not only swim with my fellow Dolphins here at Le Moyne College, I also enjoy watching my Miami Dolphins win… Yes, I know Slick Willy, your Steelers stepped all over our nuts but that UGG-wearing, football god Tom Brady avenged our loss for us, so suck it. As I stated politely earlier, the Yankees suck camel cock and if you enjoy watching the MLB and you feel the need to support a team in New York, don’t be a tool, support the true New York team – the New York Mets. Oh, and I will be frequently praising the New York Rangers too.

So suck it up, or I guess you could spit (but I prefer you suck it all up). It’s been real, it’s been fun, but I am not sure it’s been real fun you tools.



Shimmy Out,
Shimmy Shimmy Ya