Folks, this is Allie & Noah. This is Ross & Rachel. This is Robin & Ted. THIS is Ray & the Big Apple.

These two’s love is an inferno. When they’re together, it’s hot – it’s magical and it can fool you into thinking it’s a “forever love” – but it never is… So, you’re probably wondering where the hell is this coming from. Let me take you back…

Raymond Felton signed with the Knicks in the summer of 2010. He was set to be the pick & roll point guard to compliment Amar’e (our silver medal to missing LeBron that summer – LOLZ). The season went on, and I remember, he had some GREAT clutch moments and brought the Knicks to playoff contention. It was a great time in Knicks recent history, but it ended abruptly. Ray Ray was (ironically) shipped to Denver in the Carmelo Anthony deal, along with about everyone else on the roster. New York had its superstars Amar’e and Melo, and our boy Felton was gone.

In Denver, he was stymied playing backup to fellow Tar Heel alum Ty Lawson, and made it vocal he didn’t #fux with that… The journeyman got dealt again that following offseason to the Blazers where we spent one forgettable season.

That following summer he was dealt, and this time back to the Garden & back to New York. I for one was fired up. I remembered his success with STAT before and I wanted to bring that back but also have Melo and Tyson Chandler. We had stacked up on veterans for the 2012-13 year and I was convinced this was the team to do it (recurring dreams).

He started off as a fat boy, got it together and we quickly forgot the “Linsanity” from the year before. Felton looked great and for two years he was our guy with Tyson Chandler, Melo and STAT… Then, as unfortunately has been his tradition, he got shipped after two seasons in the trade that brought the Knicks Jose Calderon.

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Last year he played a solid year in Dallas, but they too let him go in free agency and the journey continued… He signed with Los Angeles to become a Clipper.

Okay, why did any of this matter? Because when two star-crossed lovers are meant to be together, they’re meant to be together. They can take crazy paths to get there, but they’ll get there.

Right now, the Knicks and the Clippers are in negotiations to work out a deal to get Melo to the Clippers without LA giving up any of their “Big Three”. I’ve heard Jamal Crawford, JJ Redick and Austin Rivers… But if there’s one thing I know, I know there’s a certain ex-Knick on that roster that is 100% destined to be shipped back. He will once again be traded, and find himself with the team he is MEANT to be with.

Allie and Noah died together. Rachel got off that plane and came back to Ross. Ted stole that blue french horn and ended up with Robin.

Raymond Felton WILL be come to New York in this deal for Melo, and this on-again-off-again love story will have another glorious chapter.



It’s a Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes,