What better than this? Guys bein’ dudes…

After Taylor tosses out an open invitation to the world for someone, ANYONE to beat his Daas Boot time, a certain Le Moyne alumni (two time BeerFest champion) Jimbo Slice took it upon himself to remind the commissioner who the big dogs really are…

For those of you who aren’t equipped with a stopwatch 24/7, that was a 5.69 second boot (Taylor’s was 12.69). Now, I’m not a math major, but I think your boy Taylor got shown up a lil’ bit.

We’ve had a few others trickle in via SnapChat that certainly were impressive sub-minute boots, but this particular one had to be shown off.

A truly remarkable chug by an even more remarkable human. Keep them coming and hopefully we can throw together a nice training montage to be dropped before the big day.



Just Keep Chuggin’ Along,