Migos- Culture (Full Album) – for you lost souls without Apple Music or Spotify…

Alright, so I’m gonna try to do these album reviews to keep you people up to date on what’s going on in this world.  To be honest, I never thought I would sit down and actually listen to a Migos album.  Their music kind of just comes on at pregames and I usually start drinking more heavily.  But that being said, Migos has to be one of the hottest out there right now with the song of 2017, ‘Bad and Boujee’.  Not only do I love that song because it fucking BANGS, but it also created a meme.  I fucking love memes.  Having your song become a meme for like a month is better than getting any Grammy nomination in my book.  Fuck going platinum, fuck a gold plaque. Make a meme.

For those elder folks out there.  Migos is in fact a group, not just one guy.  They got three guys out there: Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff.  They come straight from Hotlanta and easily one of the biggest artists coming from the south.  I have no fucking clue who is rapping when they rap, maybe I can distinguish Quavo from the others, but I wouldn’t trust myself.  I also always thought they were brothers, but that was just plain wrong – and mildly racist of me. (EDIT: gonna leave this in here after I did a little research because I was actually kind of right. Quavo is Takeoff’s uncle, and Offset is Quavo’s cousin. What the fuck. That’s fucking wild. How do you start rapping with your uncle? Did they create this rap group at the Thanksgiving dinner table? I’m so lost.)

With Bad and Boujee being the anchor, Culture as a whole follows suit pretty well.   Migos comes into the album with one of the most solid and unique flows in the game.  They’re a group who has made it big through mix tapes, and their first album Yung Rich Nation had some promising songs, but wasn’t that great of an album as a whole.  Culture takes off from the start with some supersonic heat, and when you top it off with production from people like Metro Boomin and Zaytoven, you’re gonna have a good time.  Now I’m not gonna go say this album is a must listen or for everyone, but there are some songs that truly bang (see below).  The album starts off with DJ Khaled just saying bullshit and it is honestly the worst way to start an album, but if you can get through his dumb rant the rest of the album plays nicely.  The first 6 songs of the album are pretty fire and are a great soundtrack to some drinking, working out, or cooking up something dope in the crockpot.  Once you get to “What the Price” the album kind of slows down and I got a bored. When “Dreadz” comes on though, turn your speakers ALL the way up.  Shit makes me want to take my ass off the couch and straight to the basketball court to miss some layups.  The rest of the album you can skip if you want to. “All Ass” is your typical Atlanta strip-club song, so if you’re into that stuff, go ahead.  

Last, I just want to give credit to the amount/ quality of adlibs in this album. Ad libs are 12/10 on this.  SKURR.  


Mac’s Picks:

Top 3 songs:

Bad and Boujee- EASY



Sleeper Pick: Get Right Witcha

Song to Bring to the Pregame: Call Casting.  Bad and Boujee is the easy way out

Song to Bring to the Postgame: Deadz- if it’s rowdy.  Kelly Price- if it’s more chilling and smoking

Song to Impress Your Black Friends: Culture

Song That is Economically Relevant:  What’s The Price- “Prices going up”.  Market’s been growing, Migos knows.

Song Mom Will Tell You to Turn Off While in the Car With Her: All Ass

Song to Mop the Floor To: Slippery


Sneak peek at my  gut reactions while I listened the first time through:


Culture (feat. DJ Khaled) –  HATE DJ Khaled opening the album.  WHY in the world would you have him open for the album?  What is this going to be? Leaves a bad taste in the mouth.  The dude is wild, doesn’t do anything. Why is he on it?  Solid opening track tho. DJ Khaled brings it down 3 points

T-shirt – digging it, dope production.  Anything with skurt skurt in gets a +1 in my book, DO IT FOR THE CULTURE.  Solid chorus doin the chop shit.  

Call Casting –  bangs, nothing special tho.

Bad and Boujee – Banger of the year, century, galaxy.  ‘Nough said

Get Right Witcha – DEEP bass,  sleeper pick rn.  Wouldn’t classify as a banger but def swag.  “Take me a picture, FLASH”

Slippery –  HOT ROLLING BASS. anything with Gucci Mane gets +1 points on my scale. Alright song

Big on Big –  came in hard, pretty lame beat, alright rapping, decent chorus. Decent song

What’s the Price – lame ass intro,  I think they’re trying to make a real song.  Why is there a guitar on this song?

Brown Paper Bag – THEY BACK, Skip the last three songs.  Bang.  Xanax perks, swag.  REMIND HIM.  

Deadz (feat. 2 Chainz) – OUUU, is this a DMX beat?  DROP.  Gang.  Love the orchestra. “Uh oouu” best chorus of the album by far.  Oh shit, here’s 2 chainz. Solid verse –  nothing cray.  Top 5 song on album easily.  End of this song KNOCKS.

All Ass –  The song better live up to the name, lot of expectations. Solid beat.  I imagine myself walking into a strip club and hearing this song,  I think they’re tryna do that, good job.  I could totally see this being a song they put on the radio at some point.  Damn there’s two more songs on this album, shit.

Kelly Price (Travis Scott) –  alright song.  Kinda done with the album.  This is so Travis Scott it hurts.  “Woke up with cocaine in my hair, I thought it was lice” $$$$ line right there.  This is just a Travis Scott song.  Idk if I’m coming down from my coffee or I’m just done with the album.  

Out Yo Way- Fuck this song already, what’s this lovey dovey shit?  Once the bass and snare come in the beat ain’t too bad.  Yeah this album was over two songs ago.