8 games until the All Star Break and we find ourselves 7 games below .500.

It’s time to piss or get off the pot.

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The streak of teams we’ll need to barrel through to make us 29-28 at the ASB? @Wizards, @Nets, Cavs, Lakers, Clips, Nuggets, Spurs and finally @Thunder.

Derrick Rose is hurt and in a walking boot. Melo’s head has been fucked with these last few weeks because of the NEVER ENDING trade speculation. There are even headlines of Derek Fisher claiming his Knicks did more with less (remarkably true)… So, the question is, does even my deranged mind see this happening?

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Folks, if there’s one thing I’m insanely good at – it’s convincing myself that things that shouldn’t (or can’t) happen can end up happening!

Let’s start with tonight. Brick by brick we’ll win these games. Here’s what we’re going to see:

  • Melo puts up an insane amount of shots points, it will be bad for us offensively and keep the game closer than it should be – but he’s pissed and hates the world right now, so there’s no stopping him. Melo will do Melo and that’s that.
  • Lots of Ron Baker. Look to see plenty of quality minutes for my favorite player/children’s book author in the NBA. I have a feeling this is going to be the 8 game stretch (with Rose hurt) where Baker fills in, looks really strong and Baker ends up as the franchise point guard we always needed, who we can pay an insanely low salary to for the next decade as we win multiple titles.
  • COURTNEY FUCKING LEE. After his performance in that 4-overtime loss against the Hawks, I am so high on this guy it’s insane. Courtney Lee is the shooter I always wanted but less of an prick than most shooters (subtweet at JR Smith) so it’s perfect. Look, he’s not our star, but he is the exact Kerry Kittles* role player every great team needs.

Is this a tough 8 game stretch? 100%.

Is it completely un-explainable how a team with so much talent is 21-28 right now? 100%.

Do I think we can tear off eight in a row? 100%.

Why not? Our time is now. Let’s go New York!!



Talented Teams Can Always Turn It Around (When They Want),






*= For that 0.0000001% of you who know who the flip Kerry Kittles is… your boy Taylor had TWO Kerry Kittles jerseys growing up and idolized him. Kerry Kittles. So yeah, my love for role players is nothing new.