It wouldn’t be the BeerFest way if the Hall of Fame started on the right day, NOR would be it be the BeerFest way if I didn’t remind everyone of the illustrious history of this Hall of Fame.

The first year, we decided to honor some absolute legends. These guys poured their hearts and souls into this festival, building it from the ground up – physically and mentally (no literally most of them used hammers and nails building the attic). We inducted three 3-time undefeated champions from Turkey in Turkish John, and Kev & Kev… The three of those guys combined for ONE single loss in flip cup and ONE single loss in beer pong in THREE YEARS of competing. It was an era of absolute destruction. 2013 also saw THE co-founder of BeerFest, Hosford (aka “Jeans” to many), make his way to the Hall. A brother and a legend for all. And lastly we saw the architect behind the attic, the Tommy Ryan Titty Bar and everything you see at Columbus – Lombardi. Nothing was possible without his efforts. 2013 was a HUGE year for the hall.

2014 had some huge shoes to fill and it didn’t disappoint. We honors the Costello twins for arguably the greatest performances by girls at BeerFest of all time. They weren’t just smokes, they could kick ass at most games and took it all the way to the boot in their last run. Remarkable, it was 10 outta 10. The refs from 2012 all got in, they brought it, they made reffing cool. It was fuego. T-Murph also made the Hall this year for his appearance in all five of the first five festivals and his constant contributions to the event. My brother and fellow write Ketch also made the hall this year. In original years Ketch would read the opening speech and in latter years, he was the DJ who’d play Creed 235893042875 times in a row, MUCH to the fans delight. Lastly that year we inducted Scott Thieke who by his senior year of college had played in all 5 BeerFests (yes, he was a high school senior at our first event… #YOLO!!).

The last year we inducted anyone was 2015 and we only inducted three people… Jimbo Slice, who already has been featured on this site, made it as the greatest chugger arguably of all time as well as two-time champion. Meg Gregz also made it as the first girl to sincerely start the “outfit” trend at BeerFest. Meg and Team France year after year had the best themed “10-outta-10” outfits. And lastly we had Jack…

Jack gets his own paragraph. He competed at like 6 BeerFests or something crazy. He organized it for about 5 of them (don’t fact check me). He aided in building it all – the Titty Bar, the attic, the tables, EVERYTHING. No one better deserving arguably for his efforts on and off the table. A true famer.

So yeah, last year since I thought BeerFest was dead forever, there was no pageantry. There was no Hall of Fame…

wake up undertaker the undertaker awake focused

But the thing is the fire never died. And we’re back stronger than ever.

We’re going to kick off this year’s hall of fame with an induction that arguably one that should’ve been made years ago.

Congrats to our boy ALEX CONSTANTINO!!!

His freshman year was the first BeerFest at Columbus and little Al was scheduled to be DD for his elder buddies to the event. Next thing you know, Al was making moves through the bracket as he and Canadian Bacon made it DEEP. Not deep enough for people to be like “Ohhhhhh, THAT’s why Al made it to the Hall!!” but pretty damn deep. Like “Grogs has a commemorative BeerFest plaque from this year” deep. Seriously though, his contributions to BeerFest went well beyond his freshman year of learning under @WCS_Dad on Team Canada, Alex (in an exclusive Water Cooler Sports interview) claimed over 200 Gwaltney hot dogs were cooked to absolute perfection under his supervision. Lastly, and not something to be looked lightly on, for three years Al (like a fool) shit talked so much that he was going to beat Taylor that THREE STRAIGHT TIMES he faced off in the first round with Taylor (losing all three, LOL).


Alex was a great competitor for four years, a greater shit-talker and will go down in history as one of the GOAT’s.

Congrats Al, the 2016 (late) Hall of Fame Class will continue tomorrow with another …



Formerly @Lourde_Taylor,