Today marks Day 2 of Hall of Fame Week and it is just a no-brainer we need to hand a Hall of Fame bid off to a winner. A man with his name on Lourde Taylor’s Golden Keg. A man named Pooh.

food hungry honey winnie the pooh munchies

(I like to think this is actually Pooh’s reaction to beer, not honey)

Pooh led the Confederacy to the title in 2012. The significance of this was HUGE. It was the first year of BeerFest without Team Turkey, the team that had dominated the competition for three straight years. BeerFest was now a free for all and it needed a new team to step up. Pooh and the Confederacy were up to the task.


What most people don’t remember is that in 2012, your boy Taylor’s team Germany made it to the round of “40 Hand” and ran into the Confederacy. While Team Germany had a member finish the boot just seconds faster than Pooh, that German couldn’t keep that 40 ounces down long enough and we got disqualified… Why does any of this matter?

Because Pooh solidified everything I believed about a champion. Pooh took that 40 down, then just (couldn’t have been 30 minutes) later puts his Daas Boot down like a champion. For those of you dicks saying “Oh, that’s not THAT much!!” – that’s about 80 ounces of beer (after ALL DAY of drinking) chugged faster than anyone else. It was grit. It was grotesque. It was glorious.

Pooh, proud to call you a Hall of Famer. You are a savage. Be well brother.



65 Days,