Despite wishing we weren’t HERE, I drew the hard line yesterday. We didn’t start our win streak; we will not be above .500 at the All Star Break; it’s time. It’s time to blow it up.

coyote wile

Here are my suggestions for the remainder of this dumpster fire, train wreck of a season:

  • Melo needs to go. We need future draft picks for him and/or young players. Do NOT trade him for Kevin Love. Do not trade him for the Clipper’s package that includes (36 year old) Jamal Crawford unless there are a few picks involved. I know this gets sticky with Melo’s no-trade clause, but get draft picks maybe a few young guys and ship Melo to a contender, which is what he wants. This is not because I think Melo is trash – he’s not. I love him and if this team was even remotely in contention, I’d want him. We’re not though. We need to think future. Look to an Oklahoma City deal for a Oladipo type player and maybe some picks for Melo.
  • Get these young guys minutes. Hernangomez needs to learn this league because he flashes signs of being a LEGIT big in this league, but he needs experience. Kuzminskas also needs to learn this league because oftentimes he is a phenomenal shooter but tends to lack consistency. Get him some minutes and let’s see what we got with him. An offense led by an attacking PG like Rose with KP, Kuz and Hernangomez as his bigs/shooters sounds alright to me.
  • Lastly, give Rose the keys to this offense. Get rid of the triangle madness. Get the “pick & roll, attack the rim, kick out” Derrick Rose going and let him do his thing. Yes, he’s reckless but that offensive is 100x more effective then running the isolation and hoisting up a well defended shot (subtweet @ Melo).

Look, I’m not happy with where we are. This SUCKS. Watching these first 50 games has been nothing less than heart-wrenching. Getting my hopes up yet again only to crash and burn and get our ashes pissed on. I expected at least a playoff contending team and instead I’m watching loss after loss and I can’t understand why.

Tonight we got Brooklyn and I honestly don’t know if I want a win or a loss… THAT is where we’re at right now. The worst.



Blow. It. Up.