So last week marked the 3 year anniversary of the Knicks game where Carmelo Anthony scored 62 points and the internet blew up over it.



And then today came out with this.

A story that basically relived Linsanity and reminded Knick fans that just a few years ago we were good and won games. We even went to the Eastern Conference semi finals the season after Linsanity…..and haven’t been to the playoffs since.

I think the internet and sports world in general enjoys the Knicks turmoil. What was once the number 1 desired team to play for has now become the team that gets booed by its own fans. Everyone thinks the Knicks are finished….and you know what…. EVERYONE IS WRONG.

The rebuild is in progress and our young guys have been playing extremely well as of late. I love KUZ. Kids full of grit. He plays hard and can score.



Ronnie Baker should be our starting point guard. He is a huge offensive threat with both his passing and scoring and may be the hardest worker on defense we have. Get D Rose out of here.

And don’t even get me started on WILLY HERNANGOMEZ baby. This guy has some real potential at being something special for us I think. He is creative and tough on offense and is very strong when it comes to rebounds and defense.


And we all know about ZINGIS. Build around him.  All we need is to trade Melo, maybe dump Rose after this year, and probably figure out what to do with Noah.

All I’m saying is this…. internet, you can troll all you want but we are coming. It may not be this year, or next, or 3 years from now…. BUT WE ARE COMING.


In the Knickerbockers we trust,