In 2009 when BeerFest started, it was 8 teams total, totaling 32 competitors. The second annual festival had 17 teams, totaling 68 people. Then BeerFest III saw 31 teams, totaling 124 competitors…

It was around then that I had to look around and prioritize “safety” as something I had to pay attention to.


Miller and I had met (most likely… I don’t really remember exactly, but just go with this for the story) as fanatical supporters of the Le Moyne College baseball team and arguably some of the founding members of the Division II WORLD RENOWNED Hill Crew… Anyway, he wanted to attend the glorious event and I needed some muscle. I quickly invented the title of “Head of Sexcurity.”

Fast forward to the big day:

It was a quiet day on Columbus Avenue that day. The birds were chirping. The neighbors were dealing. Everything was as it should be.

Down the road a ways, a dead tree was getting cut down so the street was partially blocked off. Just suburbia living at its finest.

Watching people come into our humble abode, I can recall watching a certain “‘Mericana” dressed man walking straight through the area where they were cutting that tree down that was clearly blocked off by construction tape. This man had handmade jean shorts on, a hockey stick across his back and an American flag draped over his shoulder, which were nestled nicely under his glorious mullet. That man? YOUR BOY MILLER.

It was outstanding. One of those rare moments in your life that I imagine you look back on your deathbed and you remember every detail.

Miller’s job was to make sure “no one was there that shouldn’t be” and if I had a nickel for every time he came up to me throughout BeerFest IV and said “I checked the perimeter. We’re clear” –  I’d be at least $1 richer.

In all seriousness, Miller kept us safe and that’s what he need in this day and age. In all 7 years, BeerFest never has had a death in its legacy (knock on wood) and due to the extremely high level of security Miller set the bar with, I don’t think we have to worry.

Miller, congrats on making the Hall of Fame. You’re not just a brother, you’re a Hall of Famer and arguably a life saver.

BeerFest Hallin’ & Ballin’,