Welcome back boys and girls to Week 13. Hope everyone had a killer week and is just ITCHING to see those ATL Falcons beat up on the Pats this Sunday. Funny situation I have here about the Superbowl… Due to the time difference, I am forced to watch my Dirty Birds play at 7AM MONDAY MORNING here in Australia. Does that mean I am waking up at 6am to head to the American Bar (yes, they have one here, and its electric)?? YOU BET YOUR SWEET ASS I AM. Gonna be toasted by like 9am. Do I still have my college drinking skills that the fine institution of Le Moyne gave me? Questionable. Am I putting it to the test? Yes. After all, I believe there is a new addition to the defending BeerFest Champions, Team Canada… won’t say who though.

Now, why you’re here, the tunes. Got a great line up of some tropical and progressive house for you guys this week. All these jams have came out just a few days ago, so yes, I keep up with my music. It’s my job here at the Water Cooler – give the people what they want.

Saddle up, here we go.

1.) Seaside HighLife & The Yum Yums – Sideways

Gorgeous tropical vibes here. Little bit of a late build up but god dammit when those saxophones come in, I rise up like the Dirty Birds of the ATL.

2.) Steve Kroegar (feat. Skye Holland) – Coastline

Staying along the tropical vibes here. Very lyrical with just the right amount of beachy’ness to get the party to lift up those Coronas and let the head bop.

3.) Bakermat – Baby

Never heard of this Bakermat guy but he’s definitely on my radar now, very upbeat jam with (you guessed it) HEAVY sax play. Love every second of it.

4.) Matoma & Gia – Heart Won’t Forget (Vertue Remix)

I don’t need to say anything. Its Matoma, he’s the GOAT of tropical house. New must-add to any party playlist.

5.) Vice (feat. Jas Thompson & Skizzy Mars) – Steady 1234 (Justice Skolnik Remix)

Always been a low key fan of Skizzy Mars, under the radar rapper with some up and coming talent. Mix those bars with the gorgeous lyrics from Jas Thompson, on top of my man Vice on the turntables? You have this – sex. Earlobes just squirting tropical-ness.

6.) Major Lazer & Showtek – Believer

Huge pump up song with a huge drop, great concert/music festival song that would make the crowd go wild. Get your drink on.

7.) Chris Brownin’ – High

Also never heard of this guy, but the cleverness of his name is almost as good as this song. Beach Beach Beach Beach.

That’s it from the turntables this week. Next week’s post is going to be either fire, happy songs… or depressed, gothic, slit my wrists bullshit.. depends on how my Falcons do. RISE UP ATL.



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