At this point in the Hall of Fame process, it should be no secret that only legends make it to the Hall of Fame (well, legends and people who Lourde Taylor clearly respects like family). Inductees make it based on their actions on and off the playing field and today we get to honor one, if not THE, greatest of all time.

Today, I am HONORED to induct the first non-Le Moyne College alum into the Hall of Fame #equality #affirmativeaction #civilrights… Congratulations to the one and only – P’Okeefe!!!

Hailing from Bucknell University, P’Okeefe got looped into this crazy world of BeerFest back in 2011 when Team USA finally joined the big dance. For three years this event occured without anyone being “Team America” and when they joined… they joined in style as the “1%”:

The One Percent.jpg

Dressed to kill, P’Okeefe launched himself into BeerFest lure. He and Team USA had several deep runs in the tournament, though the “Dream Team” never quite panned out like the media (me) continuously hyped them us as… A few on-again off-again years, P’Okeefe found himself at many great BeerFest tournaments, but always representing one team – the red, white & blue.


Peter, you’ve known me since we made up drinking games to NHL 2006 on a PS2, dare I say you groomed me into the Grade A piece of meat I am today. Congratulations and welcome to the BeerFest Hall of Fame!!!



Bucknell is for Nerds,