The last day of the 2016+ BeerFest Hall of Fame, I’m going to change it up a bit… why not? #YOLOOOOO!!!

Today we’re going to induct three BeerFest legends combined as one – the “Holy Trinity” if you will. Why? Because when it came to BeerFest, one’s name can’t even be mentioned in the same sentence without the other. When you think Phinland, you think Chin, you think Daddy Grogs and and you think Garrett “The Big Dick” Ordway.


For years these boys would come to BeerFest in legit hockey attire (in Columbus’ one thousand degree attic) and represent the Bukkake Hockey Squad. It was glorious.

Performance-wise, they were about a middle of the road team but the Hall, as we all know, isn’t about pure talent. It’s what you do off the playing field as well.

Representing the Bukkake Hockey Squad with such poise and honor is what really got these gentlemen a spot in the Hall. A style and grace all their own – just really CLASSY guys that helped bring BeerFest to the next level.

I’m proud to announce the first members of the Le Moyne Hockey team into the Hall of Fame. I’m sure Bob would be proud of you.



Hold the Rope,