Nothing catchier than a #hashtag like that to get your Friday going…. The idea here is every Friday, Frank will come up with a Fun Fact for everyone in case you get into some bar trivia and need to impress some ladies with your wealth of random useless knowledge. Without fruther adue, here we go!


I know all you freedom loving patriots are more than aware of some of our most famous Americans. However are you aware of some of their fun facts? Who knows? Maybe this will help in jeopardy at your local watering hole.

Benjamin Franklin
DOB: Jan 17, 1706
Height: 5’ 9”
Weight: 220 lbs
Drink of Choice: Madeira

Good ol’ Ben Franklin was an incredible inventor, diplomat, journalist, publisher and (creepy) ladies man. He was instrumental in starting the first volunteer fire departments and public libraries. Ben was a big fan of nature, constantly studying it and trying to control it. For example, he invented the lightning rod. He advocated for the Turkey to be our nation’s animal instead of the bald eagle because of how important it was to the pilgrims. Ben was famous wherever he went. He literally had women all over him in France. I mean, the guy could’ve walked into old Shea Stadium wearing a Chase Utley jersey and people would buy him drinks. Loveable guy with a winning personality.



With Beers and Shots For All,