Here we are folks, two days before Super Bowl LI – the Atlanta Falcons versus the New England Patriots, 6:30 EST, kickoff in at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas.

Lots of things to consider as we head into this game. On one side, we got Matty Ice and the red hot Atlanta offense. On the other, there’s Tom Brady and arguably the greatest dynasty in NFL history. And of course, lastly we got Taylor and his obsession with trying not to be the losing-est gambler of all time (still a GOAT for the record though).

Let’s talk real quick the bets, from the basics to the more fun prop bets and how we’re all going to win big this weekend. You ready?

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Alright, right now the Patriots are favored by 3 and the over/under is 59. Personally, I think the Patriots won’t just win by 3, they’ll win by like 10. That is an absolute lock, probably never been a bigger lock. The over/under gets a little trickier. 59 is a lot of points but if you consider these teams scoring totals of late, it’s a no brainer over. 34, 36, 36, 44. Those are each team’s respective points for in the playoffs – shit, take the lowest of their performances and you’re still hitting SEVENTY!! The over seems like another lock – damn, is Vegas going to go broke?

Taking this to the prop bets, of which there are a million… I highlighted my favorite from BetDSI:

Heads or Tails Super Bowl Bet.PNG

Are you kidding? It’s 50/50 and they have the audacity to pay +700 for Tails? “Tails never fails.” Money in the bank. Next…

Over Under Peyton Manning Super Bowl Commercials.PNG

Over. 100 times over. Yes, this is a smaller payout, but come on. Of course we’ll see that monster in at least 2 if not 700 commercials.

Aaron Hernandez Super Bowl Prop Bet.PNG

Uhh, again, what is this payout? Of course I’ll take +900 that Aaron Hernandez will be said during the broadcast. All we need is a mention and I turn $10 into $100? Sign me up.

Tom Brady 6th Round Prop Bet Super Bowl.PNG

This is the bunt single to get the game going. Of course they will mention this, are you kidding? I feel like the first time he trots out on the field we’ll hear Joe Buck say, “Here comes 4-time Super Bowl winning quarterback, the former 6th rounder out of Michigan, Tom Brady!!”

Streaker Prop Bet Super Bowl LI.PNG

And we’ll end on the Streaker prop bet. This one is a crap shoot. We already saw last week the streaker at the Pro Bowl that Zeke girlishly tackled to the ground, so we know the fans are ornery and have the balls. Not to mention the Super Bowl has been referred to as “the holy grail of streaking” by some professionals in the streaking world (yeah, I did some research) . I think the bang for your buck effect here is worth the +1,500. Put like $10 down and lose your MIND with joy when that hits. Big fan of this one.

So there it is – the fast and dirty rundown of the Super Bowl bets you’re going to want to get in on. Beyond stoked for Super Bowl LI. Let’s make some money people!!!



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