I absolutely love Guinness. It is the greatest drink to be shared on this great Earth of ours. I am well aware that it’s not American, but I’m all for Immigration if it’s well documented. In fact, they will be making a home in Baltimore shortly (Miller, we’re going). The only issue with Guinness I have comes down to human flaw.

The pouring a Guinness really is an art form. If it’s not done right I get offended and I become very aggressive. On the other hand, if the artist (bartender) performs admirably I tip surprisingly VERY well (and I don’t get paid well here at WCS). I’ve had a scum bag once pour the water of God in a fucking plastic cup! I couldn’t contain myself, lost my shit. If you have the audacity to take something so perfect, so magical, so majestic and DARE tarnish it by spilling it into a plastic cup, you sir belong in the 7th circle of Hell.

But last night I had a great experience, the artist even drew a shamrock into the foam, just class. In fact, I challenge you to find a better artist with such serious skill… and I don’t mean Salt Bae.


Who pours the best Guinness in America? You tell me a bar (and bartender) and I’ll test his skills. Let’s make this a thing. Tweet me, comment below, whatever… Nominate your candidate and I’ll be happy to put his skills to the test.