If you’re reading this, you may be thinking you’re about to delve into some dumbass debating what you’re supposed to call chicken wings tossed in hot sauce.  Well if that’s what you think, you’re sorely mistaken.  This is a guy with a genuine question and considering yesterday was one of the biggest wing eating days of the year, I figure it would be a good time to pose the question “is there a difference between hot wings and Buffalo wings?”

“Ketch, what is provoking this question?” you may be asking.  Well over the weekend, I was out of town and saw a guy eating wings that smelled good so I asked him what flavor wings he was eating.  “Buffalo” he replied.  I politely said “oh nice” and carried on, but then I thought “are Buffalo wings just hot wings?”

I’m not sure if it’s because I grew up in a place that has really good different flavors of wings, but I’ve always referred to wings with hot sauce as either “wings” or “hot wings,” but never “Buffalo wings.”  Looking at menus growing up, I don’t really remember seeing “Buffalo” as a flavor either.  I don’t know I’m confused.

I guess my questions concerning Buffalo wings are this:

  1. Is it because hot wings originated in Buffalo?  I was always thought that just the chicken wing came from Buffalo.
  2. And this is the bigger question concerning “Buffalo” wings: if Buffalo wings are just hot wings, what level of heat are Buffalo wings?  Do you order “medium Buffalo” (if you’re a pussy) or “Buffalo garlic” (hot garlic is my go-to wing flavor btw)?  Or is “Buffalo” just a whole different flavor all together?

So what’s the consensus here?  Do people call hot wings “Buffalo wings”?  Are they interchangeable terms?  Is it just a regional thing that I and everyone where I’m from call “hot wings?”  Help me out here, guys.  I have no problem with either term, I just have questions.

PS – To further complicate things, when I googled “hot wings” to find a picture, look what came up.  2017-02-06

Wild stuff.