Last night’s Super Bowl LI will go down in history as one of the greatest games ever played and one of the greatest comebacks of all time – just an unbelievable moment in sports… and no better fitting a team than the PATRIOTS to win it and us give a shout-out to on Merica Monday!

Football and Merica are just perfect together and what a way to cap off an incredible season.

Alright, so today, Monday February 6th, I’d like everyone to please rise for the singing of our national anthem – performed live, last night by Luke Bryan!!

Just like football – country music encompasses all things AMERICA and our boy Luke nailed it. He and HW started the Super Bowl off the right way, and Tom Brady and the Patriots ended it the right way.

George HW Bush 41st President Super Bowl Coin Toss Legend USA America United States of America.jpg

A great moment in ‘Merican sports history. Congrats TB12, Bob Kraft, Bill Belichick and every Pats fans who “needed this”.



Happy Monday & God Bless America,