Did we just witness the greatest Super Bowl of all time?

Last night, we watched the absolute dynasty of this new millennium, maybe of all NFL history, mount a 31-point unanswered comeback victory in the first ever Super Bowl to end in overtime.

In the final 18 minutes, we watched the hottest offense in football blow a 25-point lead. We watched Tom Brady, arguably the greatest QB of all time, throw for 466 yards. We watched incredible plays from both teams all night long (shout-out to Julio Jones’ sideline catches causing me to reference Mario Manningham FAR too many times).

This game went from Pats fans getting ready to start talking about the Red Sox season and Drew Pomeranz’ stem cell procedures to probably never wanting to forget a minute of this game.

I don’t want to insult Julian Edelman by calling this a “David Tyree” catch (as Edelman obviously is a better career receiver than the Giants folklore legend) but this catch was just unbelievable…

That catch reminded me of that moment where you drop your phone and your arms move faster than you can imagine to grab that sucker before it lands on the ground, screen shattered and you’re just broken. Absolute cat-like reflexes. I bet Julian Edelman doesn’t have a case on his phone – he just knows he’ll catch it before it falls. SAVAGE.

Huge props to the Patriots for never giving up in this game. They made what was a snooze-fest of a Super Bowl into one of the greatest games we may ever witness. A comeback for the century- of course with the exception of Trump’s win… oh, the Cav’s coming back from 3-1… ANNNND Cubs coming back from 3-1… and maybe even Clemson over Alabama? Okay, so maybe this sort of “never say die” attitude occurs more often than we think – but that doesn’t take away from the awesomeness that was Super Bowl LI.

I am a Giants fan and I can honestly say, that was one HELL of a Super Bowl.

Congrats TB12, Bob Kraft, Belichick and Pats fans everywhere. I still live to hate the #1 team – and yeah, you bet your ass I hate you, but goddamn do I respect the hell out of that win.



Forever Thankful Our Giants Didn’t Blow This Lead,