Right out of the gates, last night was a great Super Bowl, and the internet didn’t disappoint for one moment of that game… Let’s take a look at some highlights – my personal favorites – that the internet had to offer.

First off, before kickoff even occurred, every American watching that game had to be fired up when George HW Bush came out to do the coin toss. With Barbara at his back and coming off LESS THAN A WEEK from being hospitalized, the 92-year old President crushed it. It was a great thing to see and I (obviously) was feeling 1,776 times more Patriotic than usual. And then, I get to Twitter and this occurred:

I mean this is just arguably the greatest thing I have ever seen. I love and have the utmost respect for HW and the entire Bush family, and I give our military the biggest props all day everyday – as should everyone… But when Twitter nation fires out a SpongeBob reference that absolutely freaking NAILS it… well, gotta give respect where respect is due. From the Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy reference before the game even started, I knew last night was going to be LIT.


But things didn’t stop there. As the Falcons took the Patriots behind the woodshed in the first half, some golden anti-Pats stuff was coming out…

Our boy Griggs takin’ the crying Jordan to Barstool Sports’ Davey Portnoy, aka El Prez. Absolutely love it. The Pats were down and presumably out, down 18 at half, down 25 shortly thereafter and then all of a sudden…

I personally didn’t think Salt Bae could get much better, but presumably for Patriots fans, that above imagine is better than porn. Brady sprinkling his rings? TEN OUTTA TEN.

Nobody last night went without talking about that outrageous Lady Gaga halftime show. She scares the hell outta me but that was WILD… The internet (obviously) didn’t let that one sneak by without completely NAILING that one too:

And of course, there was a never ending slew of Roger Goodell, aka America’s new biggest loser tweets:

Oh and in case you missed it, the sea of BOO’S raining down on Roger Goodell was incredible. A true, unrelenting massacre of the commissioner while he was on the podium handing off the Trophy to the champs. Brady and Belichick’s reaction?

LAUGHING THEIR BALLS OFF AS THEY SHOULD!!! Bobby Kraft had a different approach for how to throw shade at the league’s “Bad Cop”:

That moment was great. Just a nationally televised “F YOU” without saying it. Really classy.

Living in 2017, where not a moment is missed, last night was one for the ages. I truly great night in sports and a greater night for the internet.

I’ll leave you with this gem I found on my way to work today:



What Was Life Before the Internet,