I want to begin by saying that I am going to fully admit to committing the “I-told-you-so” moment twice. The first “I-told-you-so” moment was I told you Tom Brady is the G.Q.O.A.T or greatest quarterback of all time. FIVE RINGS! Don’t even try to argue it. The man can literally do whatever the hell he wants. If Goodell wants to make it difficult for him to win the Super Bowl he’s got to suspend him for 10 games. TOM BRADY IS THE GOAT #Sorry.

Moving on to the next “I-told-you-so” moment, the Syracuse Orange Men’s Basketball team is on fire. With straight wins (not to mention two of those wins were against top ten nationally ranked teams… Fuck you Tony Bennett), they grabbed their 5th straight and 16th of the season against the Clemson Tigers last night with a SICK Tyus Battle last second shot. As for the “I-told-you-so” moment, the Orange are sitting pretty to receive a nice position in the NCAA Tournament. Also, I will make another prediction that will turn into another “I-told-you-so” moment, which is that the Orange will make the NCAA Tournament and at the very least, make it to the Sweet 16. Call me crazy, say the Orange won’t make the tournament, doesn’t really matter because in a month I will be the one who says “I-told-you-so.” If my accurate track record of “I-told-you-so” moments haven’t convinced you that the Orange are an actual threat, then you’re just flat out an idiot. Saturday’s match up against the 9th ranked Cavaliers proved that the Orange have multiple scoring options.

Tyus Battle, who I might add is making quite the impact, had a career-high 23 points and Andrew “the knockdown shooter” White also tallied 23 as the Orange rallied past those scumbags. Syracuse continued their streak last night by taking down Clemson on the road. If Syracuse can win the games that would be expected of them to win, they should not only get a bid into the NCAA tourney, but might have enough momentum to make a run in the ACC tourney. Cuse has been one of the most hated teams in NCAA history, but that’s because they have always competed in the hardest conferences and have always exceeded expectations.

Everyone knows that the Big East was the most competitive conference and year in and year out Cuse always produced results that angered other teams. As soon as they entered the ACC, guess what, that instantaneously became the most competitive conference. Wherever Syracuse goes, the competition is never easy and Syracuse never fails to impress #CUSE #NCAAHATESUS #HATERSAREOURMOTIVATORS.



-Shimmy Shimmy Ya