LeBron calling for the “Kevin Love-Carmelo Anthony” deal seems like the nail in the coffin here because we ALL know once LeBron wants something, he gets it (see JR Smith, Shumpert, Kyle Korver, hair plugs, etc).

I just feel like this is a really bad breakup, like I love Melo and all, but I also know we need to end this… It’s just so hard ya know?

laguna beach

I was over here just minding my own business, being a loyal fan to a franchise who doesn’t give half a shit about me – hoping, and praying, and pathetically delusionally waiting for the day my life as a Knicks fan turns around for the better.

But now this? Now Love is being forced on me?

I get that Melo wasn’t our ideal partner. He had his flaws, BUT I’M COMFORTABLE WITH HIM. He’s mine. We spent some phenomenal years moments together. He’s bae.

There will never be a time where watching those “I’m Coming Home” MSG commercials doesn’t hit me right in the feels… Dare I say that was “our song”.

I’ll never forget my “first time” at MSG. Melo dropped 62 (but it sure felt as magical as 69).

And Melo, even though you’re still here, I can tell you’re gone.

I’ll miss you. I loved you. I’ll hate Kevin Love just for you.



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