What’s up people? My name is Q and I’m the newest member here at Water Cooler Sports and hope to bring some real diversity to the site. My introduction blog will come soon don’t worry, I just can’t hold back my thoughts about Matt.

Matt Ryan, the NFL’s Most Valuable Player and another choke artist in this year of sports championships… Thanks for nothing Matt. You were in the drivers seat. You were up 28-3 and had everyone in America happy to see Bill Belichick and the boys about to go down but you choked like no one before. You had 3 opportunities to get down the field and at the very least get a god damn field goal. But what did you do Matt? You had a 3 and out. You got strip sacked leading to a Patriots TD and you had a final drive which featured a 3rd and 33. Sickkkkkk!! Matt, way to close the game jackass. The worst part about this is that you didn’t even manage the fucking clock. You continued to snap the ball with 20 seconds left on the play clock, pass the ball on 3rd down and get stuffed on run plays when the patriots throw 6 players in the Box. You guys didn’t have the ball on offense for like an hour and 30 mins. Football 101… When you’re in the lead you keep the clock running so the other team can’t be on the field to score.  All you needed was a fucking field goal and you couldn’t do that on the biggest stage of them all. You didn’t even give the ball to Julio as much as predicted. You threw to him 4 times and he caught it 4 times, sick Matt! You could’ve thrown it to Julio every god damn play… better yet you could’ve told the Pats the play and 9 times out of 10 Julio would’ve caught that shit, that guy is a freak of nature and everyone knows it.

Matt, you blew your chance to finally be great, even Flacco saw his opportunity and cashed in but you couldn’t because you are a choke artist. You had the offense, you had the defense, you had the most talented team in the league pound for pound but you just couldn’t get it done. Yeah, you played in arguably one of the best Super Bowls of all time but you lost. So congrats! The only thing positive that came out of this past Sunday is, that you validated one thing and one thing only. Eli Manning is the only person on the planet who can beat Tom Brady on the big stage. Yeah, Russell Wilson and yourself were pretty damn close but you both choked. Eli Manning beat Brady twice and both times he was losing so take notes next time Matt because clearly Eli knows something you don’t. Congrats on second place, you’ll probably never be in the super bowl again.